Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As if....

Its days like today that make me sit back and ponder WHY I do what I do and why do I always seem to get myself into these, well......things?

Its no secret that I am an EXTREMELY busy girl. I am a wife, a mother to 4 wonderful precious gifts from GOD, a sister, a aunt, a daughter, granddaughter, Caterer, Kitchen manager for our church, on the women's board at church, neighbor and friend just to name a few..... I don't claim to do any of these things well, but I do TRY my best to give all of them my attention. So what have I added to my list of titles? Crazy! That's what...

AS IF I wasn't busy enough, I have gone and done it. I have decided to open up a retail space at a absolutely wonderful eclectic place in Phoenix called, Qcumberz. WHY you ask? Well, it seemed like a good idea. Qcumberz is a place that you can find just about ANYTHING. It is filled with all different vendors who sell their "finds" and I wanted in on the action. I love to buy and re-do furniture and have been selling it on Craig's List for several years now and have started to branch out and do some more creative pieces and have found that people actually do LIKE what I do, so....why not?

My neighbor Laura (who I adore) and her friend opened up their space in Qcumberz last year and when Laura's friend decided to branch off on her own, it opened up the opportunity for me to come in and share the space with Laura. Oh My GOSH!!! I will say its been a little crazy trying to get stuff finished to take down to the shop, but boy have we had fun! I cant wait to show you all of the fun pieces I've been working on, and what our space looks like. Wish me luck and if you are curious about Qcumberz, you can find it located at 4429 N. 7Th Ave, Phx 85013 or at www.qcumberz.com

I'm off to go sand or paint or reupholster something....thanks for stopping by