Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Merchant Square Flea Market

I know, I know its been a while...I'm sorry. Instead of boring you with all the excuses of why I havent posted in 4 months, I thought I would just jump right in there with some exciting stuff.

This last Saturday I had the priveledge of participating in my first real "Flea Market". My dear friend Tana from Vintage Charm asked me to share a space with her and I couldnt have been more excited if I tried!!!

As you know I already have a booth/space at Qcumberz in Phoenix. If you have never been down to Qcumberz you really should is such a fun little shop. All kinds of different and unique things. Anyway, Tana's shop (Vintage Charm) used to be down on Main St. in Mesa but when the market "tanked" she had to close it. So, she has been looking for some other "avenue's" to sell her most amazing things. When she heard about Merchant Square having these flea markets a few times a year she thought it would be perfect, and arent I lucky she invited me?

Between my duties as a wife and mother and running my catering company (which has been CRAZY busy) I have been a busy little bee getting things ready for the Flea Market.

Here are some pictures of the day

We had so much fun and made some great contacts for some possible business opportunities and although we both (and my mom) just about had heat stroke, I know we would have done it all over again in a heart beat!!

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