Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting caught up

Oh my goodness, I think I may have gone into blog withdrawals. I have been so busy getting caught up on some of my projects that I just haven't had time to update my blog. Notice how I said "some" of my projects. I still have a garage full of furniture that needs to be loved, but it is too stinking HOT. So some of it may just have to wait until I don't melt every time I walk outside. But I do have one very special project to show you.

First, I just have to tell you that this is, by far my BEST find. I got this desk for a $1.00. Yep...ONE DOLLAR! I had been looking for a desk for Scott's office since we moved into our house. The 6ft folding table he had been using did not fit in with my decor! So when I was at Goodwill several weeks ago, I stumbled upon it. And much to my surprise it was the same week that was only a $1.

After several car trades and kid swaps, I finally had it in the garage. Scott came home and said his usual, "What did you find now?" I said, "Oh honey just wait until you see this" and for the first time he actually said to me, "Wow, honey that is nice. What a good deal, good job!" Wait...what? What did he just say, can I quick rewind that please....

Here is the before picture

It had a few water damage spots on the top, but other than that it was in pretty good shape. Of course I sanded it all down and actually used real paint and even a paint brush. No spray paint for this. I took off all the hardware and made sure not to get paint into any of the drawer rollers. Over all, I am super pleased with how it turned out.

Here it is finished, just waiting to be moved inside....(I waited patiently for my husband to help me move it in for two weeks).... I finally got tired of waiting and moved it from the garage into the office all by myself. I'm sure the neighbors got a kick out of seeing me with this huge desk propped up on the dolly dragging it across the driveway. hence the muscle spasms I am now having in my lower back. Next time maybe I'll wait three weeks...:-)

And here it is after it's journey across the front yard. I had to take the door off the office to get it in, but I finally got it in....

Now, that he has a "real" desk, maybe he will let me start decorating the rest of his office. Starting with some color on the walls. And, "No honey, Navajo White isn't a color"

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for my next project...


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