Friday, June 18, 2010

Mason Jar lid wreath

When we moved into our house a little over a year ago, I discovered that the previous owners had a tremendous collection of Mason Jars. I think at one time, I counted over 100. Why they had all of these jars, I have NO idea but lucky for me, I LOVE mason jars. They have so many uses.

You can use them for your favorite fruit jam ....or you can use them for tea light holders like we recently did at the last two wedding receptions we had in our back yard,

Or you can use the lids to make a fun Fourth of July wreath.....

I started this project by looking through my stash of mason jar lids and washing them. I quickly realized that I was going to need more lids, so I went to Walmart and picked up a few more boxes of bands.

Spray paint is such a quick inexpensive way to add color to things....

Once all the lids were painted and dry, I sprayed them with a outdoor sealant to help them not fade in this blazing heat...YUCK!!

Then, it was time to hang them. This was a process that I thought would be easy! I thought wrong. I tried several different ways to make my wreath a "round" wreath. first I tried a hanger
Nope, that didn't kept flipping inward and looked weird. I took a stroll through the hardware dept at Home Depot and still wasn't inspired by anything there. Then while I was at Goodwill on dollar day, I stumbled upon these....

They are the hoops used for embroidery. I was hoping one of these two sizes would work. And tah dah....It WORKED.


I think this wreath is the perfect addition to my front door 4Th of July display.

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  1. Love this. So simple & so Patriotic. Must make this....

  2. I love how you made your wreath - so simple and pretty.

  3. Okay but how did u get them to stay in place?? Did u hot glue them??

  4. I am a mason jar fan and love the jar ring wreath. I recently bought a basket of rings at an estate sale. I'm going to make a wreath.