Saturday, November 27, 2010

New use for an empty can

OK, so I've decided to get crafty with you all. Please bare with me as I try and explain this craft idea.

I'm always looking for creative ways to wrap gifts. I get so tired of gift bags and boxes, so when I saw this idea on, I decided I'd give it try.

Here is what you will need to get started

An empty soup can with a "pull tab" top. ...

(I used a large pinto bean can) Now this is REALLY IMPORTANT***Make sure you open the "wrong" end of the can. Don't open the can from the top, you will want to open the can at the bottom. This project will only work if you have a can opener that leaves a lip on the can. I used my Pampered Chef can opener.

Next, you will want to pick out your decorative paper and cut it to fit around the can. Then use your favorite adhesive to secure the paper to the can.

Then you will want to cut a circle of coordinating paper to fit on the top of the can. I cut a slit in the paper to fit around the pull tab part of the can

Slip the paper up under the tab and secure with same adhesive.

Once you have the top done, then you can decorate the rest of the can however you would like.

Its time to put whatever you want to wrap inside.

I give my kids a Christmas ornament each year,

I thought it would be fun for them to have to "open" the can in order to get the gift inside. This will be the perfect size to wrap it in.

Once you have finished decorating the can, you will need to glue the bottom back onto the can. You will need to use a liquid glue like this one.

It doesn't have to be this brand, but needs to be a clear, strong glue. After it has dried, your ready to go! Hope you have fun making one of these and remember to just have fun with it.

Happy crafting



  1. Don't you love doing this? I like to do gift cards in these. I add little candies to give it some weight/filler.

  2. That is a way cute idea. I'm not sure I'll take the time to make it though--gift bags are just too dang easy! :) Maybe if the crafty bug bites me....