Thursday, November 25, 2010

Doing it all and then some

Where oh where have I been? Going slightly bonkers that's where. I've been crying in my cherrios and toaster waffles, but I'm back....

I may regret this post later, but what do I have to lose?

I’ve been thinking lately about us gals, and how we seem to constantly be faced with the duty? responsibility? charge? opportunity? of doing it all.

I’m not complaining here, and I only tell you this because I think many of you can relate, but from my own experience and from chatting with friends, it seems like we ladies are responsible for quite a bit: Working outside the home; Working inside the home; Paying bills; Creating budgets; Meal planning (which must be healthy, kid friendly, and budget friendly, right?); Grocery shopping (ugh); Cooking (double ugh); Cleaning/Organizing the house (triple ugh, ugh, ugh); Cleaning vomit (kid…dog…whatever…it falls on us); Home repairs?; Cleaning the car; Looking pretty (within said budget); Being phenomenal wives, friends, mothers, daughters; And, of course, having a beautifully decorated home that’s blog worthy/guest worthy at any moment.

And does anyone else out there feel an enormous amount of guilt if they don’t accomplish all of these things to perfection? And does anyone else feel insanely overwhelmed and like they’re falling short all the time?

I feel strongly that I need to start talking about a few other things: The struggles and obligations we face as women (no offense to men and their own struggles); Healthy living,Fashion, and DECORATING!!!…which will of course continue my heavy emphasis on creating a beautiful home on a budget. And do-it-yourself-because-you-are-WOMAN! projects.

I have to write from my heart. I have to write from my experiences and passion…and hope that those things help, inspire and resonate with some of you out there.

Wow...I'm tired and overwhelmed again, better go sit down with some Oprah and bonbons

With love,


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