Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why I do this crazy stuff

I just recently had a yard sale and was so excited to feature some of my Urban Barnyard pieces that I just finished. I set up a section of the sale for the "Boutique". I wanted a section that I could feature some of my pieces, but I needed to get more than yard sale prices for them. So, I figured if I called it a "Boutique" then people wouldn't freak out when they saw that a dresser wasn't marked $5. I had some of my friends put stuff in the yard sale too and it was so much fun! We laughed and ate ridiculous amounts of junk food (with the exception of the veggie tray...that's a whole different story) What a great way to get rid of our junk and make some extra money too!

Why do I do this crazy stuff? I'm not sure if you asked me this question a few days ago, I would have an answer for you, but today I realized I do it because it makes me smile! I love finding old pieces and giving them a new chance at life. Take this old desk for example...
I found it at Good will for $19.99 and I was immediately drawn to the fact that it was a roll top desk, and that it was smaller than the monsters you usually see. I had to have it! After several hours of sanding, painting, sealing and adding some really pretty glass knobs here she is all finished! Isn't it beautiful?

On that same trip to Goodwill, I also found this old birdcage.

It was a little bit more expensive...$29.99, but once again I had to have it. I have seen birdcages like this retail in the $300-$400 range. Do I need a huge birdcage? NO, not really. I don't even like birds, but I love birdcages. This one was in pretty rough shape, so I cleaned it, painted it (several colors) and finally settled on this crazy, wild Aqua color! I LOVE IT!!!
I had so many people at the sale ask me how much it was, and I kept going up in price because I didn't really want to sell it! So now, it is sitting in my living room where it really doesn't match ANYTHING in my house, but I've decided that doesn't really matter. Who wouldn't want a HUGE aqua birdcage RIGHT???

I was also able to finish another french style dresser that I have had in my garage for 6 months.
I love the way this blue color looks,(oops paint $5 a can from Home Depot) I kept the original hardware on it, it really added to the vintage look I was going for.

I was able to sell all these pieces (not the birdcage) and several other pieces that day. And although I was running around like a crazy lady trying to get all these pieces finished before the sale, it was totally worth it when I saw the look on people's faces when they got to take them home.

I'm taking a break now...well until I get up enough energy to finish the numerous pieces still in my garage, but I never stop looking for those perfect pieces that need me to rescue them and give them a new chance at life. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Love to see what you are doing with old stuff! Also makes me smile. : )

  2. You must love what you do because all of that sounds like a lot of work! They look fantastic!