Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jackson's Radio Flyer Birthday

It's not everyday that your LAST baby turns one. Did you notice how I put the emphasis on LAST??? Yep, he is going to be our last baby and although that has a sad, final sound to it, it also makes me so happy because it gives a really good reason to make every birthday the best it can be. It is no secret that I love to plan, decorate and pretty much go over the top for all my kids birthdays. It makes Scott go bonkers, but in my mind this is how I justify is the one day a year that it is all about them. No one can take their special day away and if I can do a little something to make them feel extra special, well...them I'm gonna do it.

Case in point. I have been planning Jackson's 1st birthday since he was 6 mo old. I know, crazy many of you may think, but this is how my mind works. I have to come up with a theme in order to start looking for all of my treasures. And a little side note, if you plan ahead, it gives you lots and lots of time to hit all the thrift stores to find even more treasures for a better deal.

Jackson's 1st Birthday theme was Radio Flyer. I fell in love with this theme for several reasons. One, do you remember the Radio Flyer wagon I got at the church yard sale for $3, the one that I fixed up??

Well, I also found this most precious Radio Flyer pair of overalls at "Once upon a Child" in Gilbert for $6...had to have them, ooh I feel a theme coming on. Once I decided that I was going to go with a Radio Flyer theme, I put the word out and my friends and family started looking for things that were Radio Flyer. Amazing how much stuff is actually out there. OK, OK on with all the fun cute little details..

I started with his birthday pictures. I always include a picture in the invites that I send out. I make it so that whoever is receiving the invite can take the picture out and have it to keep. Jackson takes really great pictures, so this part was easy. I dressed him in his over-alls and we just went out into the back yard. I took his wagon with us and it served as the perfect prop.

This theme was perfect for a red & white checkered table cloth and sunflowers for the food table. I found this really cute little wooden wagon at the thrift store, so it became the perfect place to display the cookie favors for everyone to take home when they left. I also had collected several of these little wagons from the thrift stores. They made perfect centerpieces for all of the guest tables.

The rest of the party was pretty straight forward, I just let you glance at some of the pictures. The weather was great, the company was wonderful and we couldn't have asked for a better night to celebrate our "last" baby turning one. We are so very blessed to have such a loving family and great friends.

Sorry about the layout of all the pictures, I'm still trying to learn how this blog thing works.

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