Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dont know what to call this thing....

Recently my step mom and I were walking through Goodwill trying to find a piece if furniture that she could use in her "new" craft room. We stumbled upon this piece.

She said, "Oh this would be perfect if only it was a little bit higher." I looked it over and was immediately taken by all of the drawers this thing had in it. What in the world was this thing? It was too short to be a was too long to be a night stand. It certainly wasn't a coffee table...."Hmmm, oh well" I said and walked away.

Later that night I was laying in bed and couldn't stop thinking about that piece of furniture. "What is it? That's it...I'm going in the morning and buying it. I don't care what it is, I want it." And that is exactly what I did. I had the guys load it up in my Suburban and off I went...home with my "unknown" treasure.

This thing sat in my garage for months and months. And finally this last weekend I decided it was time to tackle it.

After several coats of paint and sealer, It is finished. I swear I was going to be painting drawers forever. This thing has 13 different drawers and of course I didn't label them as I was taking them out, so it took me forever to get them all back in their proper spot. Or what I thought was their correct spot. It wasn't until drawer 12 that I discovered that someone else had labeled the bottom of each drawer. (Enter a HUGE sighhh here!!)So, I had to take them all out again and put them into their "real" correct spot. Aahh...they fit so well now!

Anyway, I fell in love with this piece the minute I finished it. I decided to paint it a "Barn Red" color...I have several accents of red in my family room, and this is just where I moved this "thing"

I would love to figure out what this thing is, so if anyone knows, please tell me. Thanks for stopping by,


P.s. Yes, Krista I know you wanted this...and I may be able to part with it after I have loved on it a few more weeks. I'll let you know. :-)


  1. I don't know what it is, but I love it! Great makeover! If it was mine, Krista would have to wait until I kicked the bucket to get it! Have a good day! I enjoy your blog!

  2. Maybe an old apothocary (however you spell it) table???!!! I love it too...and would LOVE one like it in my house, but then I would have to paint a room raint or have red accents again in this house...hmmmmm!

  3. Holy cuteness. Seriously, girl - strut it because you've got the sizzle.