Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goodwill Airplane

I've said it numerous times before and guess what? I'm going to say it again...I LOVE Goodwill. Although, I will also say that I sometimes have a love, hate relationship with it. I love when I go and find GREAT bargains.....but I hate when I have to pay more than a $1.00 for them. But really...who am I kidding, listen to me....

Take this wooden airplane

(sorry for the sideways view...stupid computer)

This was purchased for $7.99 (Gasp!) I know it wasn't a $1.00, but look out stinking cute it is...I know once I fix this up, it will look GREEAATT in Jackson's "Airplane" nursery!!

And I was right...I painted it a Navy blue and distressed the edges just a bit and within a few minutes, this airplane was ready for take off.

His room is still a work in progress, but for right now, I think this airplane is perfect!
I have been so busy working on projects, I cant wait to show you...Make sure you keep checking for new posts. Thanks for stopping by!


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