Monday, August 16, 2010

Sheet music side table

Oh I've missed you! I can finally say, "I made it" I survived the summer and now my kids (all but one) are back in school and I can actually complete a thought, a sentence and even some projects.

I bought this table several weeks ago at DI (Deseret Industries) for $15. I absolutely love the fact that it is "two-tiered" and when I picked it up...boy it was solid alright.

Of course I can NEVER just leave things the way I find them. So, I got out my trusty ole' sander and gave it a quick sanding. I do this, so that the paint will adhere better.

Then I painted it a base coat of "cottage white" I made sure to do the base and legs really well, I did two coats on these. But because I knew I was going to cover the tops with the sheet music I just did a light coat on those.

Then it was time for the sheet music. We have loads and loads of old sheet music from Scott's mom. So I looked through our stash and picked ones that we had duplicates for and went to work arranging them "just right". Actually there is no real "process" to this, you just see what looks best.

After I had picked out my music, it dawned on am I going to get all of those sheets cut to fit onto the top of the table??? I decided to take a large piece of butcher paper and place it over the top of the table and trace around the top with a crayon. This left an outline of the top and then I was able to cut around the outline and use the circle as a template. (I'm sure there was probably a easier way, but...)

I used "Mod Podge" to stick the sheet music to the top of the table. Once the sheet music was dry, I started my "glazing". I showed how to do this in my last post "Craig's List" After I glazed it, I sanded around the edges and in places that would naturally show signs of wear. Then I sealed it with a water based sealer.

So, what do you think? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Scott says the top is a little "busy" and he may be right (don't tell him I said that) I should have maybe had all the sheet music going in the same direction. Next time!

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  1. love it! So creative, to think you got your creativity from me, it's humbling....

  2. No, I definitely think the sheets going in all different directions is best; looks like somebody just threw down their music in a flurry while looking for a particular page or something. Love it!