Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Pillows

I just cant help myself. I've gotten bit by the "Love Bug". Valentine's Day usually doesn't really do that much for me. My husband is very romantic and tries very hard to make everyday like Valentine's Day.....well, almost. So I usually don't get super excited for Valentine's Day. This year however I've had a lot of fun making new crafts and decorating the house.

My latest project is a few Valentine's Pillows for the bench outside my front door.

These seriously only took me 10 minutes per pillow start to finish. And I cant even sew that well. Despite a few snags (bobbin issues) these pillows were sew...simple to make. I used leftover valentine's fabric from a past catering job and some remnant pieces of striped fabric I had. I think the filling I used, I got at Goodwill on one of their Dollar Days (this I buy only if it is unopened/unused)its a great place to find batting, filling, etc... anyway, I let my girls fill them, and then I stitched them closed

and TA DA....instant color for a rather boring bench.

I also made a valentine's Day sign for out there, but that reveal is coming in another post. Happy "Love" week. Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.


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  1. Way cute. You obviously enjoy what you do! I am just amazed that anyone puts that much effort into decorating! :) If I ever get the urge, I know where to go for ideas!