Friday, February 15, 2013

IS bigger always better?

Howdy y'all,

Can you believe that its already the middle of February? Gosh.....time sure does fly when your having fun! As usual, I've been a busy little bee and gotten lots and lots done. The first weekend in February, I moved into a bigger space down at Merchant Square and with that move came lots of changes. I loved my little "corner" down at the shop....I made it completely "me" it made me smile every time I walked around the corner and saw it, however I was finding that I needed a bigger space to showcase more of my furniture pieces, so when a bigger space became available, I JUMPED!

Here are a few pictures of my new space......isn't she lovely??


It was a TON of work to get everything ready and stocked for the first big weekend of the month which also happened to be one of Merchant Square's biggest flea market & sale days, but it was WAY worth it! I've already had to re-stock my space....TWICE!! I'm truly blessed to have found something that I LOVE to do and that supports my shopping and crafting addictions. I thinik in this case, bigger is better! I LOVE my new space.
In addition to re-stocking the shop, I've also been able to get a few pieces done for clients and customers.
This buffet was in great shape and I really wrestled with even painting it, but unfortunately in my "business" unpainted just doesn't I only painted the bottom and left the top with its original wood showing and I think it makes this piece amazingly "rich" looking. 

This 1980's Heavy oak dresser got a black paint job and some slight distressing around the edges and she was stunning when all done.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Kris - is the black dresser still available? I am looking for something similar as a TV Credenza. Email me

  2. Is the red dresser still available?