Thursday, June 14, 2012

Before and After's for the week

Having all the kids home for summer is proving to be a challange. The constant fighting, the empty stomaches that seem to never be filled and the sound of "Mom, we're bored" running through my escape from it all??? FURNITURE!!

As promised I have taken lots of "before" pictures and cant wait to show you the "afters"

Remember this piece that Jackson was helping me with?

Well here it is all finished. I love the "Barn Red" color.

See these two dressers stacked one on top of the other??

Well the top one met an unfortunate fate when the "helpers" at the thrift store were "helping" me load it into my car.....notice the clamps and gorilla glue?

But here it is all fixed and painted a very bright but super cool funky "Peacock Blue" color...just in case you are wondering, this color is one of the top 2012 colors of the year...just a little bit of info for ya ;-)

And the bottom dresser was an absolute beast!! This thing is HUGE!! But I'm absolutely in LOVE with how it turned out. What do you think?

Well, hope you enjoyed some of the before & afters of the week.
I have lots more to show you but I must pace myself. Hope you have a great week and weekend.


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