Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Chic Thrift Store Lamps

Have you ever seen a picture of something really bright and funky in a magazine or at a one of those real trendy stores and thought, "I'd love to do that" or "I'd really like to have those?" Well, I usually shy away from super "trendy" things and colors. Not because I don't love them but because I'm entirely too cheap to be constantly changing my style.

That was until I found the most amazing lamp at Target the other day. I was going through the clearance section and stumbled upon the most beautiful color of yellow lamp and coordinating shade.

This is the shade..."Where's the lamp" you ask? well, I was too cheap to buy it. It was marked down to $29.98 but I wanted two of them and the matching shades and those were $9.98 each and that would have made them $40 each and I wasnt willing to pay that much. So I left the store empty handed. But lucky for me it was Thursday and you know what Thursday is? Yep, that's right....its dollar day at Goodwill. Guess what I happen to stumble upon at Goodwill for $1.00

Yep....Not just one but two lamps

They were almost the exact same size and shape of the two at Target I had found earlier in the day. The only difference was that mine were probably 25 years old and a totally different color but I wasnt about to let that stop me. Of course if you remember I left Target empty handed, so I had to go back and get those wonderful shades. $2.00 for the lamps and $20.00 for the shades making them only $11.00 each. I guess I can afford that.....but wait is that what I really ended up paying???? NOPE! I grabbed the two shades that I needed and didnt notice until I got up to the register that they were attached together with some sort of plastic wrapping and when the cashier tried to get them apart she couldnt and said, "humm, I guess they are two for the price of one" SWEET!!! Make that two shades for $9.98 and two lamps for $2.00 making them $11.98 for TWO awesome lamps (well almost awesome).

The lamps were still pretty ugly, so I grabbed my trusty can of spray paint and went to work...

Not too shabby if I do say so myself

And here is the finished lamp with her beautiful shade!!!

I WAS totally in love with these lamps and even used them to help stage my recent buffet re-do

but apparently one of the couples that saw my buffet for sale on Craig's List loved them too and guess what? They bought them both....(and the buffet) I guess I will have to go on the search for some more awesome lamps. What have you found lately??? I'd love to hear your "Trash to Treasure" stories.

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