Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcome to Merchant Square

Its been almost 6 months now that I have been sharing a "space" with my dear neighbor at Qcumberz in Phoenix. Qcumberz is a quaint little store located in the "Melrose District" of Phoenix. It has about 20 or so dealers with all sorts of things to sell from furniture plucked right off of a 50's tv show to super funky stuff I'm not sure where it came from. It has been a great experience but......I was feeling a little, "Out of place" at Qcumberz. You see, my style tends to be a bit more traditional in comparision to the other things you will find at Qcumberz. So how do you fix this problem? Well, you move.

Welcome to Merchant Square booth #58 "Vintage Barnyard". I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to have a booth at Merchant Square. They don't often have open booths so when they approached Tana and I at the flea market we did in May and said they loved our "style" we were thrilled. For those of you that havent had a chance to go there, they are located in Chandler, AZ on Arizona Ave just South of Warner. You can also find them on Facebook. Tana and I decided to each keep "our" names...her being "Vintage Charm" and me being "Urban Barnyard" but for our booth we became "Vintage Barnyard". Isnt it just so cute? I love it and so far everyone else seems to really like our style too.

For right now, I am staying at Qcumberz until the month is over and then I will re-evaluate whether or not I can keep both spaces stocked. In the meantime I am one busy girl, blessed but busy. I'd love to hear if you have been down to Merchant Square.

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