Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm Contagious

Yep, you read that right. I'm contagious! Don't worry though if you have come into contact with me in the last few days, I dont have an infectious disease or some weird virus. I have officially passed on the "furniture bug" to my 13 yr old son Preston.

A few months ago when he decided he wanted a "trick" scooter, he asked if I would buy it for him. Naturally, I said "NO, you already have a scooter and you never ride it." he of course then responded with something like this...."But mom, this scooter is way better then the one I have and I promise I will use this one ALL THE TIME" and again, I responded with "NO". Generally, this back and forth doesnt work with me when my children "Have" to have something.....I advise them that they will need to save up their money and because they are not huge fans of hard manual labor, they usually forget about it and move on to something else. Not this boy, he is extremely persistant. So, what did I do you ask? Nothing! He did it all himself....

He earned $20 for watching the neighbors dog while they were on vacation and he said to me, "MOM, I want to go with you the next time you go to the thrift store and look to see if I can find a piece of furniture to re-do" Sure, I said assuming that he would forget. But sure enough, the next day when I was ready to head out "treasure hunting" he jumped in the front seat....Ready to go!

He looked around Goodwill and he spotted a coffee table. He called me over to inspect it. "What do you think mom? Do you think I could sell this?" I of course saw that it was marked $24.99 and said, "Yes, I think you could sell it, but you only have $20 and this is marked $24.99" Hmmm...."Oh, dont worry about that mom, I printed off a 20% off coupon" Wow!!! This boy has actually been paying attention to me. Sure enough, he managed to get the coffee table for $19.97. Sweet! I was so proud, my oldest son had just made his first thrift store purchase! TEAR....ok seriously, though I was pretty amazed at how much thought he had put into it.

I told him that I would paint it for him IF he did all the prep work. Taking off hardware, sanding, he is getting ready for me to paint it.

He made a great profit and believe it or not was able to buy his scooter and still put away some money for his "NEXT" flip. I think I may have created a monster. Shhh, dont tell him but it's kinda cute!! Not only did he learn that Dad & Mom arent the ATM, but he also learned that if you want something bad enough and you work hard, you will be rewarded. Its a great leason to teach your children.

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